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IT Services for Students

Technical Support

Email the Help Desk for any technical assistance you require. Your email will be automatically routed to the on-site technician at your location.


New students will receive their email accounts ( They can access their email directly at the direct web address.  Make sure you type in your complete email address with You will receive your account information, passwords from your technology services department.

Computer/Network Account Information

Your username and password will allow you access to network resources. Users are responsible for all actions taken with their username. Therefore, it is extremely important that you do not share your password. A username will be automatically be generated for new students once the student's paperwork is processed by the School Offices. Your account information is typically available the same school day or next school day. Your IT department will provide your username and password.

Wireless Network

Every building within the District has building-wide wireless access.  The secure wireless network is intended for use by staff and students.  The guest wireless network is primarily for temporary use by visitors in the buildings.    

When you are in the buildings to access your school; such as BHS-WIFI, please following the following instructions

Here are the instructions connecting to the BHS-WIFI

  1. Click the wifi symbol in the lower right hand corner and connect to BHS-WIFI.  Use the same username and password you use to sign into a computer.
  2. Match the following settings (see picture on screen):
  • EAP method:  PEAP
  • Phase 2 auth.: Automatic
  • Identity:         (Enter your school username)  not your email address
  • Password:    (Enter your school password)

Technical Support

Technical support for iPads is available in the Apple iPad User Guide.

Welcome to the Chromebook Help Center

PowerSchool Portal Help

If you are having trouble accessing the portal please visit the link below for assistance. For security reasons, log in information will not be given to students over the phone.

PowerSchool Question and Answers