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RULER & Social Emotional Learning

What is RULER? Social & Emotional Learning

RULER is an evidence-based approach for integrating social and emotional learning into schools that was developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. RULER teaches the skills of emotional intelligence — those associated with recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing, and regulating emotion. Decades of research show that these skills are essential to effective teaching and learning, sound decision making, physical and mental health, and success in school and beyond. Our goal in implementing RULER is to create schools that our children truly, feel safe in. 

Social Emotional Learning Initiatives at BPS

RULER & Social Emotional Learning

In Brookfield we prepare students beyond academics, athletics, and the arts. We have a responsibility to make sure our young people have the social and emotional life skills to navigate their world inside and outside of the classroom, so that they continue developing into healthy adults. District leadership is committed to helping students and educators incorporate social and emotional  practices into the school experience throughout Brookfield Public Schools. To learn more about our initiatives, check out our video online.