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Brookfield K-12 Curriculum Maps

Brookfield K-12 Curriculum Maps

Brookfield Atlas Rubicon Site

Welcome to the Brookfield School District Curriculum Webpage!A word cloud image with the words "curriculum mapping" in the center.

The standards-aligned curriculum maps available for viewing through the Brookfield Atlas Rubicon Curriculum Mapping System Public Portal include purposefully paced curriculum maps that identify the Big Ideas, Essential Questions, and the Content and Skills. The curricula are designed to not only teach foundational, transferable skills aligned with Brookfield's Portrait of the Graduate, but also to engage students in real-world, relevant context, and provide enrichment for all learners.

Through this public site, we have the opportunity to share our ongoing curriculum work with families. The site allows us to share our district curriculum for each grade level, course, and subject area. Our maps contain the following information and are used by our educators to develop instructional lesson plans:

  • Big Ideas

  • Essential Questions

  • Content

  • Skills

More information regarding these components can be found on the welcome page of the portal. Directions for navigating the public portal may also be found on the welcome page. Our goal is to provide transparent and user-friendly access to the curriculum frameworks for Brookfield students as we focus on the goal of creating our tomorrow, together.


Dr. Anna Mahon, Assistant Superintendent