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District Strategic Plan

Dear Brookfield Families, Faculty, and Community,

At the 3/1/23 Board Meeting we presented the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan and reviewed the strategic planning process that took place between August 2022 through January 2023. 

The strategic planning team consisted of approximately 30 individuals, including parents, teachers, paraeducators, students, administrators and Board members, and was facilitated by Mr. Jonathan Costa from EdAdvance.The Strategic Plan will help prepare the district for the future, guide district actions, provide district stability, serve as a common framework to provide and support district alignment in curriculum, instruction, and assessment as we fulfill development of the district's Portrait of a Graduate, ultimately paving the way for each member of our school community to Create Their Tomorrow.

Specifically, the Strategic Plan helps to define the Brookfield C's or Portrait of the Graduate: what it looks like to display critical and creative thinking, how collaboration is measured, in what ways communication can be demonstrated and what are the possibilities for positive change. This will strengthen our foundation for academic achievement, professional development and accountability. 

Following the Board's recent unanimous approval of the Strategic Plan, next steps include beginning to define each disposition of the Portrait of a Graduate, engage in both staff and family communication, and initiate the development of the District Implementation Plan. 

It is important to emphasize that this is the beginning of a 5 year plan. Please take the time to view the Strategic Plan, Slide Deck presentation, and the actual video of the presentation to the Board

Finally, the school district partnered with a video production team (CGI) that has worked with the town of Brookfield to develop video content. We are sharing a recently completed video which provides highlights of the current state of the Brookfield Public Schools. Thank you to the students, staff and faculty who participated in its development!

Thank you for your continued partnership,

Dr. John W. Barile