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This Policy Manual answers the question of how the Board of Education can provide direction to the district's public schools while allowing the Superintendent of Schools appropriate administrative freedom to direct the day to day operation of the school district.  Board of Education Policies are guides for the Superintendent in writing and implementing administrative regulations and to direct the Superintendent and the staff in carrying out their daily educational responsibilities.

The complete Manual includes Policies, Regulations & Bylaws:

  • Policies are guides for discretionary action by the Superintendent specific enough to give clear guidance as he/she makes decisions but general enough to allow discretionary administrative leadership consistent with specific circumstances.
  • Adopting policy is the Board of Education's responsibility and the most effective and appropriate way for the Board of Education to direct the Superintendent without losing the benefits of the Superintendent's professional skills.  Policy tells the Superintendent what should be done, but doesn't tell him/her how to do it.
  • Regulations are developed by the administration. Regulations detail procedures that explain how the district will effectively implement policy:  what is to be done; who is to do it; and when it should be done.  It is the tradition of this Board to approve Regulations.
  • Bylaws are special policies governing the Board of Education's internal operations to build stability into Board operations and to prevent momentary pressures from pushing the Board into actions it might later regret.


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