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Word of the Week!

Dear Brookfield Community,

The Brookfield Public Schools is very excited to launch the Word of the Week, or WOW! Program, in the Brookfield Public Schools and Community.

The Brookfield Public School’s WOW! Program is designed to support our students in developing a robust vocabulary, a love for words, and an appreciation and awareness of language. WOW! will help our students to develop “word consciousness” and become “Word Wizards.”

Each week, the Brookfield Public Schools will have a “Word of the Week” or WOW!. The word will be introduced to our students during the Monday morning announcements, be posted in our schools and on our web page, and used in a variety of ways in our classrooms. Each week we will provide our community partners with a link to downloadable WOW! vocabulary page to print out and display at their place of business.

Brookfield students will be challenged to find the WOW! in books, magazines, papers, conversations; on TV, radio, and the Internet; and in the community – stores, restaurants, places of worship, and businesses. You can even post the WOW! on your vehicle!

Students will be encouraged to use the WOW! in speaking and writing in school, at home, and in the community. As Word Wizards, our students will be invited and encouraged to report their “findings” and “discoveries” of the WOW! Program to their teachers, their parents and community partners.

To become a WOW! Community Partner, the only thing you need to do is display the WOW! printout in your place of business. Please contact me at the email below if you want to participate! We will email the WOW! printout to you each week. You can also download the weekly printout from our district webpage! Please place the WOW! printout in your window, at checkouts, on the bus, in your waiting room, on a vehicle window – or anywhere that you desire. Anything you might choose to do to support this effort beyond displaying the WOW! is welcomed and totally up to you.

For additional information regarding the Brookfield Public Schools WOW! Program, please see the WOW! Program on the Assistant Superintendent’s web page or contact Dr. Maureen Ruby, Assistant Superintendent at

With gratitude,

Maureen F. Ruby, Ph.D.